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Interview Tips

With the advancement of video conferencing technology, the opportunity to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time becomes a reality and it is a critical skill to help advance your career.

Prepare The Basics

Test Your Set Up: Most meetings will be held using Zoom, ask a friend or family member to help you ensure your equipment is working and that you’re familiar with the controls. Consider wearing a headset or noise canceling headphones so that your audio is heard clearly.

Power Up: Make sure your computer has full power and/or is plugged in.
Be Visible: Always Keep your camera on, unless it causes a lag. If this occurs, you could connect directly to your router or try sitting next to your device.

Join on Time: Arrive early, just as you would for an on-site interview.
Be Present: Give the interviewer 100% of your attention. Turn off your other technology to avoid multi-tasking like checking email, phone, etc.

Select Your Location Wisely: Represent your personal brand by choosing a quiet space when possible that allows you to focus, has soft lighting, and minimizes distractions. Your “home office” may be a common space, or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a proper office. In any case your interviewer will not be concerned with how upscale your setting is. Simply control the elements of your environment that you’re able to ensure adequate soft lighting, a quiet space, and a professional setting for your virtual interview

Master The First Impression

In a virtual meeting, you can recreate the “handshake” experience with a strong introduction and first impression. Greet the interviewer enthusiastically. Make eye contact by looking directly into the camera, rather than looking at the screen. Show your enthusiasm through your body language — lean in and be mindful not to cross your arms. And take a moment to connect, as you would if you were walking the hallways on your way to a meeting room.

Show Your Passion

What motivates you? Why 221? Interviews are your chance to make a lasting first impression. Be ready to show your excitement for the role – and most importantly, be you! Authenticity helps to build trust (our number one value!).

Don’t Read a Script: When you’re behind a computer screen, it can be tempting to read notes to help you nail the pitch you practiced. But this will impact your delivery and ability to read and respond to facial expressions. Be confident! No one knows your background better than you do.

Share Your Interests: Be candid about your likes and dislikes, where you think you can add value, and your long-term goals. When you’re transparent about who you are, the Hiring Team can ensure a great fit.
Be Ready to Share “Why 221”: What attracted you to this role? This will help our hiring team understand your values and how you’re hoping to add value to our company.

Treat It Like Any Other Interview

Study the Job Description: Make an inventory of your skills and experience that align with each job requirement and be ready to showcase them. It’s okay if some skills are areas of growth for you. In these instances showcase your ability and agility to grow and learn new things.

Dress the Part: Bring your authentic self to the interview. We want you to get to know you and what makes you unique.

Ask Questions

Even if you’re far along in your interview process, there are still things to be discovered! Did someone mention a topic you don’t know much about? Curious to learn more?

Speak up and ask! Not only will you gain more knowledge about the team you may potentially join, but you’ll also show your genuine interest in the role and willingness to learn. It may also help to prep a few questions before each stage of the process.

Embrace Feedback

Remember, feedback is a gift. Our commitment to innovation means we know we can always do things a little better.

Demonstrate your learner mindset by asking for, and incorporating, feedback. Be prepared to give feedback too — it shows your interest and observations.

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